[Gpdd] [Health] Red Feet

Dr Kay Dudman kay.dudman at londonmet.ac.uk
Mon Oct 23 15:43:16 EDT 2006

Dear Evelyn

So sorry to hear little Phoebe is having trouble with her feet.  Some of
my piggies have occasionally had similar problems, and what I found works
for them is bubble wrap, the sort used for wrapping delicate objects.  The
way I use it is:

* on the floor of the accommodation, a layer of bubble wrap, just smaller
than the floor so none of it pokes up at the side; it should be bubble
side down, so the smooth surface is at the top (stops pee collecting in
between the bubbles).

* some kitchen paper at either end (or wherever piggy usually pees, to
absorb the moisture.

* some layers of flat newspaper on top, then normal hay and bedding, and
whatever else Phoebe has in her home.

It worked for my Felicity; after antibiotics didn't help, a little while
on the bubble wrap helped her feet get back to normal.  It softens each
step they take.  The only thing you really have to watch is that Phoebe
does't eat the bubble wrap.  I suggested this treatment to Peter Gurney,
and he tried it out for one of his piggies with a foot problem shortly
before he died.

Hope this helps little Phoebe.


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