[Gpdd] Silly: Re: Holiday Gift Exchange

leah.mcneil at wachovia.com leah.mcneil at wachovia.com
Wed Oct 25 16:37:22 EDT 2006

Hey Alicia & Sailor Willie!!!
My Mommy told Butterscotch and me
that ya'll were collecting names for
the Holiday Gift Exchange...Yippee!

Well, count us in and we're gonna
pig-ticipate separately because I'm
greedy and I don't like to share. ;-)

Our Slaves told us that Christmas
was going to be a little skimpy this
year since they bought us a house
and all. So, wheeee've gotta get
our gifts any way wheeee can! hee

I will have my Slave send you our

P.S. Sailor Willie, do you remember
who your Secret Piggie was last year???
(Hint Hint: It was ME!!!!!!!!!!)

       Love 'n Wheeeeeeps,
                           Brownie Bear :-)

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