[Gpdd] [Rainbow Bridge] Condolences for Pearl.

Penny Charlesworth piggyfriends at tesco.net
Thu Oct 26 17:24:44 EDT 2006

Dear Kay,

I was so sorry to read your sad post about Pearl. I, too, lost a piggy named 
Pearl earlier this year. My Pearl left behind her lifelong friend, Pansy, 
who was inconsolable at her loss and I feared that I would lose her too. I 
took in two little rescue babies a few days later and Pansy took to them as 
if they were her own.

I hope that your Bess will have a good new friend in little Emily.

I agree with you that Isoflurane is the best anaesthetic for piggies. I hope 
everyone has noted this and demands it from their vet.

Please accept our sincere condolences on the loss of Pearl. Nothing ever 
prepares us for the loss of a piggy friend, now matter how many we have. At 
least you were doing your very best for her and I am so pleased that Bess 
wanted her breakfast this morning. I always panic when one of my little ones 
needs an anaesthetic and it is such a worrying time until they start eating 

Take care.

Kindest regards from Penny and the Piggyfriends.

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> It is with great sadness that I have to report that my beloved Pearl piggy
> left me for the Bridge yesterday.  I took Pearl and her sister Bess in for
> some treatment at the Vet yesterday, and they rang me at about 20 past 2
> to say that my lovely little Pearl piggy had passed away.  Pearl had
> celebrated her 4th birthday on 4th October.  She was so beautiful, I used
> to call her "the Beauty Pig".  When she called for her breakfast, her dear
> little mouth opened so wide to whistle, I called it "squaring".  As in the
> song, "Pearl's a Singer", she certainly was.
> It is very sad as my Vet used a different anaesthetic combination,
> thinking it would be safe for them.  My usual request was for Isoflurane,
> and I would say to everybody that this is the better one to use wherever
> possible.   I was able to say goodbye when I collected Bess, and Bess
> said goodbye to Pearl too, nudging her gently and making gentle piggy
> sounds.  Bess was very groggy, but has pulled through, although I was
> up to 2am trying to get her to eat and drink.  She was keen to have her
> breakfast this morning.
> I am so very, very sorry, my little Pearly pig, I love you and I always
> will, and I will never forget you.  Please forgive me, I did what I
> thought was best for you.  Take care, be safe and wait for Mummy.
> On Saturday I welcomed a new rescue piggy to introduce to the Digest and
> add to the roll call, but I am afraid I am too upset to give any more
> details for now, other than her name is Emily.
> Kay

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