[Gpdd] Care: Lawn Care for Brownie Bear & Butterscotch

leah.mcneil at wachovia.com leah.mcneil at wachovia.com
Fri Oct 27 16:40:19 EDT 2006

Hello Slaves,
I have some lawn care questions
that maybe some of ya'll can help
me out with. Brownie Bear and
Butterscotch's house is a new
construction and so the builder
put sod in the front yard. And they
put down grass seed and straw in
the backyard and the sides.

Well, as you can imagine, the front
looks good, but the back and sides
don't look so good. And I know it
takes time to get grass to grow and
stuff. So, we had a lawn service come
out and aerate the back & sides and
they also put down fertilizer, seed,
and (Gulp) lime. I know, I know,
chemicals are so bad for the piggies.
But, it's getting cold, so I wasn't
planning on letting the pigs run in the
lawn anytime soon.

Well, here's the thing. We want our
grass to look nice and pretty, so
we are contemplating having a lawn
company called TruGreen Chem
Lawn spray chemicals (lime) every
8 weeks. I asked them if their chemicals
were dangerous to pets and they said
"no" (of course). And they said that as
long as you removed the pets for one
hour after they sprayed, that the pet(s)
would be fine.

Well, obviously, I can't believe that
that is true. But, I don't know. I haven't
done any formal research on lawn
chemicals yet, but I figured I'd ask
my fellow Slaves first.

Oh, and we don't have a fenced-in
backyard, so I'm not sure that I would
let the pigs run around in the yard. And
that's mainly because I'm thinking that
other stray/wild animals could wonder in
my yard and leave their droppings, etc.
Oh, and our backyard is sort of on the
top of a hill, so it drops off in the back. Yeah,
the thought of my babies getting away
from me and tumbling down that hill
scares me. But, I would have them in a
play pen under 110% supervision, but well,
ya'll know how I'm a worry wort.

Okay, sorry I rambled, but I always do,
don't I? hee hee

So, I hope some of ya'll will write in
and tell me how you care for your
lawns. Maybe there's an organic or
natural lawn treatment that is piggie

    Love 'n Wheeeeeeeeps,
       Leah...Slave to Brownie Bear
               & Butterscotch :-) 

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