[Gpdd] [MISC] Condolences & Congratulations

Deborah Tanovich dtanovich at rogers.com
Mon Oct 1 12:58:18 EDT 2007

Hello to everyone and everypig.

Julie--I am so sorry about the loss of your furbabies.  I especially feel the pain you had when you lost your Archie.  I felt the same over my Popcorn. It is so devastating to watch them struggle and know you can't help them.  Cuddling him at the end was the greatest gift you could give him, He left this earth knowing he was loved.  It has been 3 months since Pocorn left me and I still feel his loss.  No one to talk to on the nights when the anxiety attacks come or just to disucss what is going on in the world.  Be comforted to know that you did what you could.  Don't blame yourself for what happened with Doogie, maybe Archie didn't want to be alone.  You heart will heal and Brandy will help you.

Leah-- I am so happy you have become a "mom" again.  Princess Snowball is one lucky little girl.  She can never replace Brownie Bear and Butterscotch but she will be just as special.  I think your hubby knew he was facing a losing argument and you know you will be as besotted as before.  May Pricness Snowball reign long and well over your heart.

Am currently working on my hubby to get another piggie, he keeps saying "no" but I shall wear him down.  The only reason I haven't gotten a new one just yet, is I haven't found one to steal my heart.  When we find each other, hubby and the dog will have to deal with it.

Heartfelt wishes to all who have lost a precious furbaby and congrats to all our new members

Debbie Tanovich

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