[Gpdd] silly; message from Fugly

bubblecuddle at aol.co.uk bubblecuddle at aol.co.uk
Thu Oct 4 08:17:48 EDT 2007

I have finally been allowed back on the puter, the scary men have gone, but Mummy has been going mad with the noisy hoover, all the time all over the house I be getting no peace.

Gulliver I am so excited that I can come camping with you, I have been practising making tents, what I do is burrow under anything I can find hay, newspaper, underwear and hey presto you have a tent. I have also been practising hiding ready for SAS training. I will be on my best behaviour so that your slave will let you have veggies and not withold them.

Igor I hope big bum Suus is being nicer to you now buddie, and that your extra bath wasnt too bad.

Lady Bug I agree with Duke you are totally a lady (even when you have been at the carrot wine) ooops wasnt meant to mention your birthday party secrets was I.

Duke how are your feet I hear you have spurring like me, a funny thing happened to me my spur fell off I still have the rough patch on the bottom of my paw but it has been a couple of wheeeeks and it has not grown any more so Mummy is hoping it will go away on its own.

Big whheeeeks to all the piggies out there, Mummy and Daddy are going away for long wheeekend so will be a while before I am back at puter, stay safe everyone.


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