[Gpdd] HEALTH Re Ginger's Sore Foot

milton.the_bold at virgin.net milton.the_bold at virgin.net
Sun Oct 7 15:39:37 EDT 2007

Hi Carole,My first thought was bumblefoot, but it may also be a cut which has got infected, the swelling may be an abscess.  It is rare for bumblefoot to be found in one foot only.  If it is an infection it may need antibiotics straight away.  However bathing the wound, probably with a VERY diluted amount of hydrogen peroxide, is recommended for abscesses by Peter Gurney.Bumblefoot is another problem which is caused by irritated feet, often as a result of being on wire floors.Peter Gurney's GP website has advice on how to recognise and treat bumblefoot, it is found at:http://www.oginet.com/pgurney/bumblefoot.htmHowever from what you wrote, I don't think it is bumblefoot.Bathing the wound may help but if an abscess has formed, you need to watch it very carefully in case it worsens.  I would also consider cleaning out the hutch as often as you can and even consider housing Ginger separately, if this would not cause her too much stress, until the infection has cleared up.  The reasons for housing her separately are (a) she may be in pain with the foot and may appreciate being in a smaller "home" temporarily, and (b) if there is an abscess then the bacteria may harm the other pigs.  Also you can clean her out pretty much constantly.  You're the best judge on whether this is best though.Milton

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