[Gpdd] Misc: Congrats on Mimi and her Minis

dukejan1 at aol.com dukejan1 at aol.com
Wed Oct 10 17:28:20 EDT 2007

A little late, but I wanted to send congrats on your decision to bring?Mimi home and let her have her babies with you.? They must be a huge comfort to you.? It was heartbreaking to read your posts on Molly and I know Molly is at the Bridge bragging about what a great Slave you were.? 

I don't know if you've decided to keep Mimi (it sounds that way) and at least one baby--I know you're hoping one is a girl.?? My Lily had three girls and a boy.? They were adopted out, but I must admit that I regret not keeping at least one.

All the best,
Janet, with Isabel and Lily sending?wheeks

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