[Gpdd] MISC- Ashlee's new guinea pig

Jaime rzm.2 at juno.com
Wed Oct 10 15:34:40 EDT 2007

  You don't say how old you & your sister are,(forgive me if you are not a kid!) but it sounds to me like you & your parents need to go back to the pet store & explain to them that your piggie has an eye injury & they should be responsible for paying for your piggie to go see a vet. You want to take your piggie to see a good exotics vet. Here is a link that you can put in where you live & it will tell you of good vets in your area to see piggies: http://www.aracnet.com/cgi-usr/seagull/vetfinder.cgi
Or you could just call around, but you want to make sure the vet you see is knowledgeable about guinea pigs. You want to get your piggie to a vet as soon as possible. Eye injuries are very painful & bright lights will probably hurt his eyes. Even if the pet store refuses to pay for his vet bills your piggie still needs to see a vet. If there were other injured piggies there you or your parents may want to call your local Humane League or SPCA to let them know about the situation. The pet store should not be selling people injured or sick animals. Let us know how your piggie does & make sure to keep him away from your dog. Dogs & piggies don't get along very well. Good luck.

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~Molly, Radar & Albert always in our hearts~

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