[Gpdd] silly; message from Fugly

bubblecuddle at aol.co.uk bubblecuddle at aol.co.uk
Thu Oct 11 11:05:14 EDT 2007

Why Joan how kind you are to notice how clever I am (its not easy being this smart)

I totallly understand Lady Bug being tooo busy to post, there is nothing better than a clean home, a full belly and somewhere warm and snug to sleep.

Mummy has been home all day (she claims she is ill with a cold) while it is nice to have company all this sneezing and coughing is very disruptive to?the quality time I normally spend sleeping (if she is ill how come she managed to con me into getting my claws cut you are very sneaking you humans). I will have to warn Lady Bug to beware humans bearing treats.

I assume the loud snoring I can hear means Mummy has fallen asleep somewhere yet again, with her mouth wide open, (is this one of the things I shouldnt mention? Lucky I have had my treat already) I am going to quietly get back in my cage and pretend I never left.

Please give Lady Bug a friendly nose rub from me.


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