[Gpdd] [SILLY] Underwear

Glynis Robson Glynis at garnay.com.au
Mon Oct 15 22:12:19 EDT 2007

Oh dear LB i didn't mean to offend you, that's why i suggested we get
our slaves to buy us some of our own, that way we're not borrowing or
ruining theirs....
Did you not see that i said there was some lovely pretty colours for the
girls, some even with lacy bits... my granny and mummy have some of
those and thought you'd like some too... :o(   I'm really very sorry,
i'm devastated that i've upset you my love... i truly did not mean to
offend you. <sniff> sorry :o(
Will you forgive me my love????  I truly meant it to be just a little
bit of fun, and i did think that we could teach the young ones how to
respect their owners underwear.
I will await your response .........
Yours Duke xxxx

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