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Joanne Colangelo dogcatpiggymom at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 18 09:32:58 EDT 2007

Oh...Jude.  I am so sad to hear that Petunia has left you.  I thought for sure she was going to be just fine.  It sounds like you two were meant to be and she had a special life with you and her little buddies.  Please know that I am thinking of you during this difficult time and will say an extra prayer for your peace.  
Bless YOU, Sweet Petunia.  You will be missed. :(
With sadness and sympathy,
Spicy, Merri, Macie, Teddy, Baci
In heaven with Petunia: Annie, Abbie, and Monkee

jude colangelo <guineapigjude at hotmail.com> wrote: 
 With a heavy heart I'm writing to let you all know Petunia crossed The Bridge tonight.
She had recovered from her "episode" a few weeks ago, and the vet couldn't find anything wrong with her.   She seemed a bit slow the past couple of days, but she was eating heartily.  When I came home from work tonight, she was sprawled out and appeared to be having convulsions.  I held her for quite a while, and she crossed peacefully, in her snuggly, a couple of hours later.  She is buried next to her dear friend Porky in the garden.
Petunia was a kind, dear, honest little soul.  I found her in a pet store, in an open pen where kids could grasp at her, in with rabbits.  When I picked her up to hold her, she snuggled right into me.  A woman shopping in the store commented that she hoped I would buy Petunia as she obviously had taken to me instantly.  Of course she came home with me!
There was always a wild part of Petunia ~ she was never one to sit and cuddle.  But when she was nervous (like at the vets!) she would snuggle tightly under my chin.  She wouldn't tolerate being held like that by anyone else.
Petunia, as it happened, was pregnant when I got her.  She became enormous!  At the end of the pregnancy, she was so large she couldn't walk forward or at an angle ~ she could only turn on her axis!  Petunia had five babies, and was a fantastic mother.  (With the help of Porky!) Her daughter, Corkster, will be lost without her.
So tonight, please hug your little piggies for me, in honor of Petunia.  I was lucky to have had nearly four years with her, and I know she'll be waiting for me someday, with Corkster, Mouse, Porky, Skunky, Bilbo, and all the dear animals who have gone before me.
I love you, Petunia.

Jude & the Haypile Honeys

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