[Gpdd] Health: Yoshi teeth update

Christina Smith christina.daniels.smith at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 10:34:41 EDT 2007

Yoshi is post-trimming now!  He is on both anti-biotics, and he has a
follow-up appointment next Friday.  He started eating more last night, not a
ton, but more than the previous nights.  He also took is frustration (from
being stuffed with CC and baby food) out on the paper bag!  lol  I gave him
some water, then he ate some seed heads.  All in all I am getting my hopes
up.  ::crosses everything::  BTW: Magnus is teaching Yoshi the eating gig
(he is great at it).  I think he also says that he will take the food if
Yoshi nibbles too slowly!!!  Males, so macho!
-Christina, Ed, Magnus, and Yoshi

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