[Gpdd] Announce: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Yaya!!!

leah.mcneil at wachovia.com leah.mcneil at wachovia.com
Wed Oct 24 15:18:56 EDT 2007

Hey Yaya,
It's me, the Princess! I totally forgot to
wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY at the
Tea Party. Geeeeez, where are my
manners? And I feel so ashamed
because my Mommy & Daddy Slaves
sent a little mini-carrot cake with me to
give to you. But, on the way to the party,
it smelled so good, and well, I couldn't
resist it, I'm soooo weak for carrots,

Bad, bad Princess. I know. I promise
I will make it up to you.

But, until then, whee hope you had a
WONDERFUL Birthday...Wheeeek!
   Love 'n Wheeeeeeeps,
        Princess Snowflake & my Slaves :-)

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