[Gpdd] Bridge: Petunia

leah.mcneil at wachovia.com leah.mcneil at wachovia.com
Mon Oct 29 15:36:44 EDT 2007

Oh Judi...
Sorry it has taken so long for me to
say I'm Sorry. But, I just couldn't bring
myself to reading about Petunia's
passing. :-( I thought that after she
made that full recovery, everything
was Fine. I was stunned when I saw
that she crossed over the Bridge.

Your tribute was absolutely Beautiful
and I enjoyed reading about some of
Petunia's funny, little ways. Those pigs
sure do have a way of stealing our
Hearts, don't they? I'm sure that she
has met up with Porky and don't forget
that my Beloved Brownie Bear was
quite fond of her, so surely she and
Butterscotch have found her and they
are all enjoying good Health, good
Food, and good Fun!

Rest in Peace, Sweet Petunia. Just
know that your Mommy and the rest
of the Haypile Honeys will Always
Love you and you'll meet up again
when the time is Right...

Please accept our warm Condolences
from Princess Snowflake, Blaine, and me--

    Love 'n Wheeeeeeeeeeeps...

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