[Gpdd] Health/Silly: Hi Woobie, my name is Woopy!

Mieke Staaks pandameisje at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 13:39:23 EST 2008

Dear Woobie,

My name is Woopy. I am a rex piggy just like you.
At least judging from your pigtures, I think you are a rex, could also be a
US teddy...
I was stunned when my slave showed me your pigture.
We look very much alike!! Are you sure you are not a far cousin of mine?
We seem to have the same hair structure and the same color.
Are you a grey (brownish that is) or a Silver agouti piggy?
You can see my pigture here...
See how much we resemble each other?
If i have to guess your age I think you are also the smae age as I am which
is 6 months old, am I correct?
Our names are also very similar! Did your slave give you that name?
I got my name from the breeder I came from...

We do have some differences:
I am a girl piggy and if I understood correctly you are a guy piggie..
And I have this little creme-colored stripe on my left shoulder.
You can see that on this pigture:

But anywayz *Giggle* I think you are a very handsome piggy! *Blush*
Would you maybe like to be my PenPig (penpal)?

Lots of wheeks from the netherlands,
Woopy of the Winky girls.

P.s. Uncle Igor and Aunties Suus and Yaya came to visit us this wheekend...
Of course our slave had to take loads of pigtures of us during floortime
(having divided the kitchen into 3 sections)
If you want you can see these here:
pandameisje at gmail.com
pandameisje at hotmail.com
m.staaks at pecoma.nl

Blog: http://pandameisje.hyves.nl
kleding: http://mist-clothing.blogspot.com/

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