[Gpdd] Announcement: Seeking another poetic post buy not Lynn's AND Lynn's post

DaPiggyPirates at aol.com DaPiggyPirates at aol.com
Wed Jul 1 04:36:13 EDT 2009

Someone wrote a small post either for Snowy Bear or for Debbie, before she 
left us. It was not written by Lynn but it was writing of Lynn's caliber. 
Someone mentioned it in the last day or two. I should have copied it when I 
read it but I did not, and I don't even remember who wrote it. If someone 
knows the post I mean, would they please forward it to me at this address? I'd 
appreciate it.

     Otherwise, I'm still just a little too numb yet to write regarding 
Debbie's leaving for the Bridge   where I know she'll be so warmly welcomed.

     Lynn's post was so incredibly beautiful. I could see our little guys 
on the deck of the ship and felt that I, too, was somewhere there with them 
sharing their sorrow and awe. We have all lost such a good friend, humans and 
animals. One only has to read Lynn's post to know that.

In deep sadness,

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