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Wed Jul 1 14:14:39 EDT 2009

Ahoy fellow piggyless slaves,

Since most of us have pigs off on an adventure right now, I thought you all 
might like to hear about the video I received from my girls today.  Not sure 
who was doing the filming but I think I heard some giggles in what sounded 
like Mary's voice coming from behind the camera lens.

The video opens showing both of my girls looking into the lens in a room 
full of other sows, all laughing, giggling and making faces for the camera. 
There is much noise and it looks as if they are all dressed in their 
nighties and in for the night.  Some are wearing hair curlers, some have 
sleeping masks on and some have some sort of white goop on their face that 
they have apparently recently purchased during one of the many "must have" 
shopping trips they have all made into the ports of call.

Directly over Samantha's shoulder, you will notice Miss Ginger Puff, curling 
her long locks of hair on hair curlers.  Miss Muffet and some of the other 
sows are offering helpful advice as to what style will look best on her.  To 
the left, in the far corner, we see a small table set up with many, many 
colors of nail polish sitting atop it, along with files, clippers and buff 
boards.  There are at least 4 sows sitting around the table, all with paws 
outstretched, applying coats of many colors (pardon the biblical pun) onto 
their lovely nails.  We can hear them discussing all the handsome bores on 
board.  Captain Jack's & Barnacle Bill's names are  spoken more than once, 
amidst much blushing, TITTERING and deep sighs of longing.  Nothing like a 
bore in a uniform, eh?

We notice that Onyx, true to her name, is painting her nails black.  She is 
talking about trying the "Goth" look that is all the rage amongst young sows 
at the moment.

In the background, Jody & Peaches go fox-trotting by, apparently practicing 
the new dance steps they have learned in preparation for Jody's upcoming 
nuptials.  Jody is holding that little paw up quite proudly so that the 
light will hit her ring "just so" and make it sparkle for the camera!  She 
throws her Mommy Slave a big ckiss as she trots by and out of camera range 

In the far right corner, we can see Hershey mouthing the words "Present 
arms!" over and over a she pulls out her sowrd with a snap, presents it at 
an angle then quickly returns it to the scabbard hanging at her side.  She 
is apparently practicing her moves following the mishap earlier today.  She 
is looking quite profficient and very, very proud of herself!

In a very excited voice, Tabitha begins her usual chattering.

Tabitha:  Hi Mommy!  (Waving wildly at the camera)  It's me, Tabitha!  See? 
(She blows a big bubble with her pink bubblegum she is chewing.  It 
inevitably pops and goes all over her little face.  She begins peeling the 
pink sticky mes from her whiskers, giggling all the while.))

(Samantha rolls her eyes heavenward at this)

Tabitha:  (undaunted)  We decided to have a pajama party tonight and . . ..

Samantha:  (Butting in)  And we invited all the sows to our room to spend 
the night and have girl time.  We are playing.

Tabitha:  (Resuming right where she left off, so rudely interrupted)  We are 
playing records and doing our nails and curling our hair and, uhm, and. . . 
uhm. . .

Samantha:  (Sighing deeply and once again interrupting) And we are having 
lots and lots of wonderful treats to snack on.  Earlier, those 2 cute guys, 
Igor and Fugly, my beloved, tried to crash the party and came to the door 
and knocked.  We all cried out "Who is it?" and they said "Room service"! 
We all looked at each other and kind of laughed and . . .

Tabitha:  (Now getting quite huffy about Samantha's constant interruptions) 
And then we pulled the door open really fast and yanked them both in  and 
piled up on them and held them down and tickled them.  I think Igor laughed 
so hard he may have wet his pants, but I'm not really sure about that 'cause 
someone had spilled some carrot wine earlier and it could have just been 
from that.  (She throws a meaningful glance in the direction of Hershey.) 
Then, we opened the door again, gave them both wedgies and pushed them back 
out in the hall again!  (Starting to giggle and begin a new sentence . . . )

Samantha:  Well, anyway Mother, we are having a grand time and we . . .

(The camera now goes flying through the air and tumbling across the floor as 
we hear much squealing and laughing and "Hey!  Let me go!" and then we hear. 
. .

Tabitha:  I'll teach you to keep interrupting me!

I am surmising from what I can hear on the video that at this point, Tabitha 
has tackled her big, bossy sister and they are rolling around and around on 
the floor, in a true sibling squabble until finally, seeing her chance to 
get a little of her own back on Samantha, Mary runs over and helps Tabitha 
by opening the closet door and then slamming it closed and leaning against 
it after Tabitha had unceremoniously shoved Samantha into it.  The camera is 
once again picked up and Tabitha continues.

Tabitha:  So, anyway Mommy, as you can see.

(A muffled banging and "Hey! Let me out of here!" emits from the closed door 
on the side of the cabin.

Tabitha: . . . We are having such fun.  All the girls are really nice and . 
. .

(Bang!  Bang!  Kick!  Kick!  You hear me???  I'm telling Mommy!)

Tabitha:  (taking quick, anxious glances toward the closet door). . . I've 
made lots of new friends.  Some of the bores are kinda' cute too!

(OK, that's it.   I'm counting to 3 and then. . . 1 . . . 2 . . .

Tabitha:  (speaking very quickly now) Well, gotta' go now Mommy!  I think 
Samantha is teaching some of the younger sows to count and I want to go 
help.  Help!  Help!

The camera once again goes dark as we hear a very loud "3!" A door bangs 
open and again, much squabbling and squealing can be heard.  Sigh. Girls, 
what are you gonna' do with them?

More later if I get any more news.

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