[Gpdd] HEALTH Eye Problem

Penny Charlesworth piggyfriends at tesco.net
Thu Jul 2 07:06:48 EDT 2009


I am sorry that Chelito has an eye problem.

A few weeks ago, my Cadbury had a similar mishap. His eye was protruding horribly and looked really sore and nasty. I could not find any evidence of a hay poke and his eye did not turn white as so often happens when it is healing after such an injury.

It reminded me so much of my Daisy, who had a tumour behind her eye, that I rushed her over to see our Rodentologists. They told me that they had seen piggies with eyes that looked horrendous but which had healed up completely with no more extensive treatment than some eye ointment. Fearing the worst, I left him at the hospital for treatment.

They could find no reason for the condition of his eye and treated him with opthalmic drops. The eye gradually cleared up and he was soon home again looking as good as new.

He must have injured himself somehow, maybe with a claw when cleaning himself, maybe it was a hay accident, I just don't know but I am sure that if my eye had looked like that I would have been at the ER, screaming in pain. Cadbury did not even seem to notice what had happened and carried on eating.

I do hope that Chelito's eye mends as well as Cadbury's.

Penny and the Piggyfriends.

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