[Gpdd] MISC; This & That

jaaladog jaaladog at bellsouth.net
Fri Jul 3 20:24:35 EDT 2009

Hello everyone,

I haven't had much time to answer mail or read posts today.  We have folks 
coming in from out of town as well as a few friends  coming over tomorrow 
for a 4th of July cook out.  I have gotten everything ready so now, I can 
relax and enjoy myself.

Tabitha is doing fine.  Her eye has totally cleared up,  Thank God.

Joni, I wanted to let you  know how much I enjoyed your tribute to Debbie. 
It was great and very moving.  I talked with God today and I asked him to be 
sure and introduce Debbie to my Daddy.  They are both animal lovers and I'm 
sure would have much to talk about.  :)
I also want to tell you Alge, how very much I enjoy your pirate posts.  They 
have the taste of realism yet also  a touch of humor in all of them.  Thank 
you so much for providing us all a source of such enjoyment

Thanks to all of you who wrote me with advice for Her highness, Tabitha.  I 
learned many things and have kept all the stuff in a folder for future 

I do want to light a candle in the ceremony for Debbie.  Please advise as to 
when we are going to do it.  I really do want to participate.  In fact, 
tomorrow, I am lighting a red, white and a blue candle for my father.  He 
was a career Navy man and loved and served his country well.

Someone asked about the Vet Registry.   I think it was Mieke but not sure. 
I am the one who offered to  make up the initial one and save it in a Word 
document.  I will update it as names are added.  If you or anyone else wants 
to send me the vets names and contact information, I will put it together 

Gotta' go for now.  I smell baked beans and I think it's time to get them 
out of the oven.  Yumm!

Hugs and love to all of you and yours and be looking for a new story coming 
soon to an e-mail box near you...

Hugs, love and whisker kisses,
Lynn, Tabitha & Samantha 

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