[Gpdd] Virtul / Announcement: Delay likely

DaPiggyPirates at aol.com DaPiggyPirates at aol.com
Mon Jul 6 07:22:56 EDT 2009

Hi All,
     A lot of the work on the preparation of the Memorial list, etc. will 
be being done by Sandy: (warmbreath at comcast.net). This is Monday morning. I 
need to sleep and get ready for Tuesday's surgery, which, at the moment, 
seems less minor, but I think that's probably because I have to be up by about 
4:30 AM to get ready to leave here, by med transport, by 5 or 5:15 AM.   :)   
No, a couple things occurred to me today, and I'm glad they did but they do 
tend to complicate things a bit. But it is good to be fully prepared, and I 
wouldn't have been. (By the way, this surgery in no way deals with any kind 
of malignancy or biopsy.) Also have my standiing every-4-week IV on for 
Thursday and that's a 7 hour thing. 
     Please keep info coming - but so much has happened over these last 2 
wheeks that I know we're going to be behind. This has been a difficult time 
for everyone.

Alge and the Piggy Pirates, Capt'n Jack and Barnacle Bill

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