[Gpdd] announcement: message from Debbie Jones' sister

Joy Alge joyalge at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 7 11:22:14 EDT 2009

Forgive my intrusions for although I think piggies are adorable little animals I could never be their slaves.  However I know that Deb absolutely and genuinely was.  I have felt compelled to visit your archives where I found my sister preserved in her true colours.  Her postings are a great comfort to me and I am sincerely touched by your tributes to her.  I have no doubts at all that although you never met her face to face many of you were true friends of hers and shared a world that I have a deep respect for - I once nursed one of her sick piggies so I have glimpsed the intensity of your world.  So genuine thanks to you all; I know that this part of her life -your community - was extremely precious to her.  with love and respect Joy x
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