[Gpdd] Virtual: Got word from Chico and Guiny

Mieke Staaks pandameisje at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 06:38:51 EDT 2009

Hi all,

Finally I have heard from Chico and Guiny!
They left a couple of days ago to join the Pirates.

Guiny writes:
'Dear mommy,

We have arrived savely at the ship (a couple of days ago).
Sorry for not contacting you earlier, but Igor was so busy that I could not
borrow his blackberry. And of course i needed his help, I do feel I'm
turning in to an old lady, all this new technology confuses me!
We are enjoying ourselves very much here, I love seeing all my old and new
friends again.
Dunya and Woopy are very busy and active on the ship, and like all the other
girls they have took on the Goth look. Since Dunya is a himmi, the black is
very noticable compared to her white fur. I do not like it all. But I am
confident they will get bored with it once we are home...
Chico is enjoying the company of all the boars here. They are very nice to
him, and I think they all gave him their their condolences for loosing Toby
and I am pretty sure I even saw some tears flowing.
Chico's eye is looking okay, still has the white/pale blue look on it, but
it does not seem to bother him. The ship's nurse is putting the eye drops in
it for him. The little flirter is always rumbling at her!
I think it's good that you made him that little eye patch, you know how
rough those boys can be. Plus it makes him look like a tough pirate, he

There is one thing that is puzzling me though. Things keep disappearing from
the ship!
It's mainly from the food category that goes missing all the time. I got no
idea how that happens, but am keeping an eye on our supplies. I have
installed my cavy cozy near the supply room, but of course it's unguarded
during night, cause i need my sleep as well.

Love from Guiny,
also from Dunya, Woopy and Chico
p.s. Can we have an egg card as well?'

Glad to hear they finally let me know they have arrived!
Grtz Slave Mikey

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