[Gpdd] MISCELLANEOUS: New piggies

cavyhaven1 at netzero.com cavyhaven1 at netzero.com
Sun Jul 19 14:13:23 EDT 2009

It has been a while since I have last written but I wanted to tell everyone that I adopted two new piggies, the third of the herd had been killed by a newly adopted dog in the household as the cage was not a covered one.  They had a wonderful home, their slave cried hard as I picked them up and stated that at least they would be safe with me, I hugged her and thanked her for them.  She gave me all of their belongings that they were use to and they are comfy here now.  We (my hubby and I ) love them so.  One is an Abby, she is a female who is a little timid and is basically black with bits of brown and white.  We call her Milkshake.  The other is a short haired orange male with half a white face, he is sweet too.  We named him Magoo.  We have added them to our group of three girls already Hello kitty (sick with bladder stones), Maggie, and Tuesday.  We are also watching a friends pig who has bladder stones her name is Belle so we are happily busy busy busy.  We love this site.  Good luck to every one out there and lets keep out pigs safe and happy...Adopt adopt adopt.  Love Kate from cavyhaven
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