[Gpdd] [MISC] Thank You All for the Warm Welcome

Tiffany MacAllister tmacallister at musician.org
Sun Jul 26 15:46:43 EDT 2009

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome for S'mores and I. Just for anyone
who doesn't know, a S'more is a very tasty treat indeed. It involves
toasting a marshmallow on a stick (usually over a campfire, but I've been
known to use my stovetop) then you place the marshmallow and half a
chocolate bar between two grahm cracker halves. The heat from the
marshmallow melts the chocolate so that it's a messy gooey sandwich of
utter delicious. So, he got his name from his coloring =) I look forward
to reading everyone's posts and learning more about you and your piggies!

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