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Tiffany MacAllister tmacallister at musician.org
Fri Jul 31 12:49:11 EDT 2009

As for the price being a deterrent to impulsive Guinea Pig buys, I think
it will be more of a deterrent to a good lifestyle. With a price that
high, a few weeks of chores will be enough to get most parents to buy
one, but they would probably never think to get it a buddy for while
their kids are at school or out to play. A $40 pig is one thing, but two
for $80? Same will probably go for a big enough cage. They have those
cheap "Guinea Pig Starter Kits" with a small cage and all kinds of other

 Jean and Andy,

 Sorry to hear about your girl! She sounded like a model lap pig. What a
wonderful story, and I'm sorry she has left. But remember, she'll always
be in your hearts (as cliche as that sounds.)

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