[Gpdd] Bridge: Thank You...

leah.mcneil at wellsfargo.com leah.mcneil at wellsfargo.com
Thu Dec 2 15:35:03 EST 2010

Hello Piggies & Slaves,
I just wanted to say 'Thank You' for all of your Condolences
and warm words. This outpouring of Love really makes it easier
to get through the loss of my Beloved Princess Snowflake. I know
that she is in a good place so I'm not worried at all about that.
I just hope she isn't bossing too many of her furrriends around
up there. Bertie Pig is doing just Fine too. The Princess had
Piggie ADHD and so does Bertie, but PS had calmed down quite
a bit because she was so busy making sure that BP was being
kept in line. Well, now that PS is gone, Bertie has been a bit of
a Wild thing. During floortime, he just can't sit still. He actually
is more Active now. Quite interesting. But, I'm just so Happy
that he is doing so Good. I'm with him a lot and he's eating up
all of the attention and extra Cuddles. :)

So, again, I just want to THANK YOU so much for helping me
get through this rough time. So many of you have written to
me personally and I haven't been able to respond to everyone
yet, but I will. I don't know what I would do without the Piggie
Digest. You all are Truly my Family and I Love Ya'll!!
         Love 'n Wheeeeeeeps,
                        Leah...Slave to Bertie Pig :)

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