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Ellen Garrison lola.garrison at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 02:23:49 EST 2010

Hi Valentina,

I am Ellen, email address says "lola" but true name is Ellen. and I have 8
guinea pigs.
I had a beloved piggie last year ---Rufie--who was about 4 years
old. Diagnosed with kidney stones---on the xray it looked like one was
inside the kidney.
There were two, and one was in the ureter---the tube that carries urine away
from the kidney to the bladder.  At least, that is what it looked like on
the xray.  the other one looked like it was in the kidney.
The vet we went to is a small animal exotics specialist. The vet tech was
second to none. When I asked the vet tech about removing the kidney she said
that the chances were that he would not survive.
I was terribly concerned about my dear sweet Rufie.

Long story short, he went in for surgery to remove the stones, and the vet
tech called me about 30 minutes after he was in the operating room, told me
Rufie was blocked in both ureters with stones that were too big to pass, and
his ureters were inflamed. Since it was a year ago, I can't recall exactly
what she said but the most humane thing to do, since he was still under with
isoflurane, would be to help him to 'cross over ' (metaphysically speaking)
to the rainbow bridge.  He had lost about half his body weight within a 5
month period.  They said the stone removal was inoperable.  Again I cannot
recall details and I am not a vet or vet tech so please bear with me, but
they were not operating to remove the kidney, just the stones, and when they
started the procedure they realized it was not operable.  Well, I was in
their parking lot when i got the call and I said go ahead and help him cross
over because I cannot stand to bear him suffering any longer ( he had been
on metacam for pain, and given subcues fluids). It was all very sad, again I
totally trust the vet and that she held Rufie in his best interest; and the
vet tech did, as well.
I went to my little boy and hugged him while he was still on the operating
table, directing him to "go into the light". I know he did.
Rufie was my third piggie, but the fourth one who had passed.  Since then I
have learned more about stones and so on.
It sounds like the things you are doing are good.
There is also something that is exceptional that you can get through
Amazon.com: Rowatinex.

Ann Evans who is on our GPDD stated in an archive here (I have the info
right here) it states it is in the archives from Ann Evans on Mon June 28
2010: (to paraphrase slightly):
Rowatinex is a unique combination of highly purified natural terpenes which
have been subjected to extensive pharmacological and clinical
research, indicated in treating renal and urinary disorders including
urolithiasis, where it has proven to be an unsurpassed therapy.  It is the
only known drug available which is capable of dissolving/dispelling renal

Here are the online sites to go to purchase Rowatinex, according to Ann
Evans (And a Big Thank You to Ann!!!)

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0006NXNFA   <(those three 0's are numeral
zeros, not letter O's)



The liquid form of rowatinex is only about US 12.00 including shipping, and
the dose is only 0.1 cc per pig per day (0.1 mL=.01 cc). there are also the
capsules, but they cost a bit more.
I got some, through Amazon.com, of the liquid, and it has a strong herbally
smell, but the 3 boars that I have started to give it to seem to like it.  I
am giving it to my two older boars and one of the younger ones, not because
they have been diagnosed with stones (they have not) but because of the
excessive sludge that seems to be excreted in their urine. I also got a
niagra cyclomassager on eBay, which is another thing Ann Evans recommends.
Plus 50 mg vitamin C per day, per pig. Please look up in the archives this
info on the date mentioned above.  I just want to help in any way I can.
I may also get some hydrangea root extract, 0.2 mL a day at
http://www.smallflower.com. this is also good for renal stones.
I am learning along with everyone else. Just wanted to help with this info
that Ann Evans had provided earlier this year in June.
and good luck with Charlie!
~Ellen and the precious Precious Piggies, bun and chin

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