[Gpdd] Secret Santa

Dee and Joe joedee1986 at verizon.net
Tue Dec 21 10:57:09 EST 2010

A big box was delivered to our house today for Jodie, Zoe and June.
What excitement!  The gifts were wrapped inside the box so I am making 
the pigs wait until Christmas to open them.  They are piled up in front of their 
There was a gift for me, too and it is under our tree.

And surprise, the gifts were from the Misfits, the SS pigs we had!

Thank you Misfits!

I bet we are the only ones to have a guinea pig tree skirt.  A number of years 

Penny Christopher was my SS and she made the tree skirt.  We use it every year.
Thanks Penny.

Dee, Jodie, Zoe and June

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