[Gpdd] RAINBOW BRIDGE: very belated condolences, Edna

Cindy calliope at geeksnet.com
Wed Dec 29 19:07:12 EST 2010

Elizabeth, Weasel, and Amelia Biscuit, it was with much sadness that we read of Edna AKA Agent Aerial's passing to the Bridge.  As she was the last of your original trio, it is certainly the end of an era.  Please don't feel bad for helping her cross to the Bridge.  Both you and your vet obviously did everything you could, and when she didn't improve, you did the most kind and selfless thing you could for her.  She was a lucky girl, and we have no doubt that she felt all of your love and care as she traveled to the other side.  How sweet that she learned early on how to wrap you around her paw and get anything she wanted by wheeking -- a very smart girl.  We are sure that Edna's smarts helped make her a wonderful agent, and we bet she has been met by many other agents, including our Tumbleweed, at the Bridge.  Although we never have them long enough, how great that she was six and a half.  Please accept our very belated condolences on her passing.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all sick piggies and their families.

Cindy, Friday, and Ethan

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