[Gpdd] [MISC] Thanks to Secret Santas Beau and Dodger!

Anderson, Jocelyn M jocelynm at umich.edu
Wed Dec 29 19:40:20 EST 2010

Edgeworth, Flashbang Fatbottom, and Benito would like to send a big piggy "thank you!!" to their secret santa piggies Beau, Dodger, and to their mommy Alicia! They received from great gifts from CavyMadness!

After unwrapping... http://www.nflightdesign.com/files/piggies/XMasfromBeauDodger01.jpg
... http://www.nflightdesign.com/files/piggies/XMasfromBeauDodger02.jpg Cavy cozies!

Flashbang Fatbottom decides to check out the santa cozy while Benito watches:


Edgeworth also checks out the cozy by chewing on it: http://www.nflightdesign.com/files/piggies/XMasfromBeauDodger05.jpg .

Also included, a wooden piggy ornament: http://www.nflightdesign.com/files/piggies/XMasfromBeauDodger04.jpg ! So cute!

The piggies love their cozies, thanks so much Beau, Dodger, and Alicia!

Jocelyn, Edgeworth, Fatbottom Flashbang, and Benito

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