[Gpdd] MISC: Thank you Secret Piggies!

Marsha Neely matilda at ptsi.net
Fri Dec 31 15:28:30 EST 2010

MISC:  Thank you Secret Piggies!

Dear Snoopy, Sparkles, Bedlington, Twinkle, and Capt. Jack,

Thank you so much for the great Christmas presents!  We have been wanting to try Kleenmama's hay and the other goodies that you sent, and now we can.  We also loved the bed and the cozies, and Mom loved the treats, other goodies, and ornament you sent to her.  She was as excited as we were.  They were all wrapped so brightly and we had the best time going through everything.  It was the best Christmas ever.

We're so glad you liked your goodies.  We had them sent directly from Amazon so they wouldn't be late.  Thank you for being our Christmas friends! 

Happy New Year,
KissaBella, BonnieMamas, Okie Chloe, Heidi Plume, and Prince Harry
(and our mom, Marsha)

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