[Gpdd] [Announcement]: Introducing Reese and the Story of Tex and Teddy

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Greetings, I’ve added his name to the signature line on a few posts, so I guess it’s time to introduce Reese.

During the first week in November, a friend who runs a second chance rescue in Orlando contacted
me about a cool little Agouti piggie who was scheduled to be euthanized by the county shelter after
they had struck out on finding a home for him at every other second chance place they contacted. 
He had already been at the county shelter for a month, and they had run out of options. 
My friend really didn’t have room for him, but she took him (and a female rat) with her to her rescue.  

My friend knows that I’m a recovering pig-aholic. After Baby Dilly came to live with us,
I told her that we couldn’t take in any more. It had been eight months since I brought home a new piggie.
She contacted me about Reese anyway, but the timing was really bad.  

When you live in Florida, November is about the time when everyone in your family decides that it’s getting too cold up north,
and they come and visit.  So, I had my sister here for the beginning of November, and then my parents came to stay for a month,
so there was really no room for him (or anyone else) here. 

I had a meeting in Orlando mid-November, and I went to meet Reese. 
We spent about a half hour together at the Orlando Petco, and my friend was right,
he was adorable, and had a great personality. 

He’s a cinnamon agouti (chocolate base with reddish tips) with a very soft coat.
His eyes are bright and huge, and his ears have been chewed up, so he must have lived with another piggie at some point.

I amazed everyone in my family by not bringing him home right then. But, I had told my friend, that I was just visiting,
and we really didn’t have time or space for another piggie.  (She told me later that she had a spare carrier in her trunk…just in case.)

Meanwhile, someone from work asked me if I wanted two guinea pigs. He didn’t know if they were boys or girls or what to do with them.
Their original owners lost their home, and the guy from work took them in.
They were in pretty bad shape and living out doors in a cedar cage with a wire mesh floor.

I explained to him what type of housing they needed. I gave him a lot of info from Guinea Lynx, a garbage bag full of Timothy and Orchard Grass Hay,
a bag of Oxbow Cavy Cuisine, and some Vitamin C tablets for them.  
A few days later, the guy from work said that they seemed to be doing better, but they were still outside.
After looking at the piggie parts pictures that I gave him, he said that they were girls.

Two weeks later, it got cold. Even though it’s Florida, it does get cold sometimes. 
It was in the 30’s, and when my friend from the rescue found out that those poor little girls were still outside,
she asked me to take them in for her and bring them to her.  

She didn’t have space for them, but she had Reese in a cage by himself. 
I agreed to take Reese to free up space in her shelter and see if he would live with Donovan.
If it worked out, it would be good for Donovan because he would have a friend, good for Reese because he would have a home,
and the difference in work would be the same for me. 
I’d still have four pens to clean; I would just have to clean Donovan’s a bit more often.

So, the guy from work agreed to bring in the girls and leave them in my office.  
When I got to work that morning, I found the two “girls” were in very poor condition.
They were still in a wire cage, and they were so skinny…and smelly!

I put them on a towel to get their little feet off the wire, and they chirped happily.
I picked up Teddy and moved him into the cage that I had brought,
and then I picked up Tex and realized that he had a few parts that a girl piggie shouldn’t have.
After a brief “Oh No!” moment, I picked Teddy back up and realized that Teddy also had the same extra parts,
so we were still dealing with two homeless male piggies, and not a potential litter. 

I think that they are brothers. Teddy is a golden teddy guinea pig, and Tex is a long haired tri-color texel.
Tex was so covered with mats that my friend ended up having to shave off most of his fur.
Poor Teddy’s front foot was infected and deformed from the wire. 
My friend has had him on antibiotics and pain killers for about a week now, and he seems to be slowly improving.

They stayed with us for two days. They spent the days in my office and came home at night,
and my husband generously offered his tool room for their use. It’s heated and air conditioned
and has a separate entrance from the rest of the house, so the herd wouldn’t pick up anything from them…did I mention that they were sneezing?

I got very attached to them. I wasn’t going to name them, but I did (even though they’re not the most creative names, they work).
I was so sad about bringing them to Orlando. I wanted to keep them, but I knew that we couldn’t handle another pen in the pig room.
It’s hard to get around in there as it is now.

So I met my friend in Orlando in the Denny’s parking lot like I did the year before when Twinkie joined our family.
We conducted the pig exchange, and we each took home our new pigs.

Fortunately, my husband loves little Reese.  I say fortunately because Donovan hates him.
We have tried unsuccessfully for the last two weeks to get them together. It’s just not working. 

The shelter said that Reese was one year and one month old, but I’d be surprised if he’s more than six months old.
He’s just a hyper little puppy, and my senior citizen, Donovan, has no patience for him, and he snaps at him whenever he comes near. 

He doesn’t seem to mind living next to him, but whenever there’s not a row of bars between them, Donovan becomes very upset.

The original agreement was that we would return Reese if Donovan didn’t like him. I can’t imagine doing that now.

Our two options now are to build another condo for Reese so he can live next to Donovan, or get him neutered so he can share a pen with the two girls.
I really don’t know what to do.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’d sure appreciate your input.

Tex and Teddy should be ready for adoption soon. If anyone is interested, please let me know. 
I’d love to adopt them both myself, but I know that wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the herd.

Hope that you all have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

ME in New Smyrna Beach with Donovan, Reese, Chakalaka, Baby Dilly, Puffy, Cocoa Puff, Twinkie, and Ghirardelli in our homes with Dillon Forever in our Hearts.

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