[Gpdd] Rainbow Bridge: JODIE

dogcatpiggymom at yahoo.com dogcatpiggymom at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 31 17:30:21 EST 2010

Dearest Dee & Joe,
I am SO terribly sorry to read that Jodie has passed.
I will always be grateful that she was a lovely part of
my magazine article, gracing the pages along with
you both.  Not too many piggies get to be enjoyed
by so many others.  She'll always be special to me.

Please take care.  I'm thinking of you and sending a
giant hug.

Joanne, Spicy, Merri, Teddy, Baci, Sweetie
In heaven:  Annie, Abbie, Macie, Monkee

 Let's rescue...at the speed of LIFE!


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