[Gpdd] Gpdd: (Rainbow Bridge) (Fatima)

Ellen Garrison lola.garrison at gmail.com
Sun Oct 17 02:51:36 EDT 2010

Hello everyone especially Hanna,

I am so sorry to hear about Fatima. It sounds like she had a delightful life
with you.

Not off topic completely, there is an excellent book slowly I've been
reading, (not a novel, which I will read in 2 days) Lately I have been just
wanting R&R on my days off...the much needed Rest and Relaxation.

The book is called *All Pets Go To Heaven*, by Sylvia Brown.  There was a
passage in it I read that brought me to sobbing tears yesterday.  The book
is mainly about cats and dogs, but it encompasses all animals.  I think I am
in some way still grieving about lost ones, furry or human.  Although they
say one never completely gets over it, that it is a burning grief, that
becomes a part of you.  I was holding Samantha (I call her Sammie) the mommy
piggy, lying on my back with her on my chest, just sobbing.  I feel like I
finally let myself release some grief that was all bottled up.  I do feel
better now and hope that this information about this book is helpful, and
not a hindrance, to anyone reading this.

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