[Gpdd] [VIRTUAL] Wedding Plans

Glynis Robson Glynis at garnay.com.au
Thu Oct 21 22:52:20 EDT 2010

Due to me being unwell firstly, then GPDD being off line and the spam
problems i have not updated recently i'm sorry :o(
Velvet has had her dress fittings, but whee need to alter it........erm
she's been pigging out again!  She has been put on a more strict dress
code of doing more exercise LOL
Whee are hoping that everyone can still come and that our newest members
will join in our fun!
Every night Velvet blows kisses to her fiancee Beans and Onyx blows
kisses to her boarfriend Friday :o)
Have a wheeeeeeky good weekend everyone
Glynis, Velvet and Onyx xxx

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