[Gpdd] Health: Deep sleep??

ME me at buddies.org
Mon Oct 1 20:15:49 EDT 2012

One of my new pigs (got her 9/8), Minnie, had an ear infection.  She was treated with Baytril for a week (9/11-9/18).  She continues to have a head tilt, but an examination today shows no sign of an ear infection.  Her balance has always been good and not affected.

What my concern is that on Friday, on two occasions, once a 3 p.m. and once at 7 p.m., she was unresponsive.  The first time, I found her.  I thought she was dead, but when I picked her up, she didn't feel dead, just limp.  I shook her gently and tapped parts of her head until she responded.  I think it took a few minutes, though it could have been less since times like that may seem longer than they really are.  Later, my husband found her in the same state, though, when I picked her up, it took only a few seconds before she responded.

My vet said she may just be a deep sleeper at times ... though I've never heard of a young piggie (only 460 grams) going into such a deep sleep ... or she may have narcolepsy.  Does anyone have any ideas about what Minnie may have?  Any other symptoms to look out for?  Any dangers or life-threatening I should be wary about? My vet didn't seem to be very worried about her ... says her heart sounds good and that she seems alert (she bit him ... she's bitten me several times, so it's a normal response for her ... I'm not trying to train it out of her yet since I haven't built up trust with her, but if it continues, we'll work on it).

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