[Gpdd] Health: Deep sleep??

ME me at buddies.org
Wed Oct 3 23:51:50 EDT 2012

Minnie has a slight head tilt most of the time ... sometimes it disappears completely ... sometimes it becomes more pronounced, usually when she becomes agitated, but then straightens up.  So far, I haven't caught her in a deep sleep since the two incidents on Friday.

I don't think she still has an ear infection (possibly didn't have one when I got her, perhaps had one before I got her that was already treated) since her balance has never been adversely affected, even when the vet prescribed Baytril.  She just had the head tilt, so he put her on it just in case.  She was only "floppy" during those two incidents ... though she also kind of went limp (just her head, not the rest of her body) during the last dose of Baytril so I had to slowly lift the syringe to encourage her to swallow the meds.  It did take a week after meds before she got more active, she was sleeping alot, but we were also in the middle of a heat wave and everyone was kind of sedentary.

I've tried to test her balance several times since we got her, and it seems fine.  She adjusts her hind legs as I lift her front legs to a standing on 2 hind legs position.  She'll even jump over my hand when it's about 4 inches off the ground.  She also likes to climb on the doorway of her pigloo and look around.

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