[Gpdd] Gpdd (HEALTH) (Shepherd's Purse-herb for loose stools, and some other concerns)

Ellen Garrison guineamom88 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 6 03:20:09 EDT 2012

Aloha from Maui everyone,
My apologies for not being in touch. I am really wanting to make a comeback. 
I was reading about Julie's piggy, Sooty, with Ann Evan's responses, as well as responses from other gpdd'rs.  I got Peter Gurney's book,  Piggy Potions, via amazon.com. He wrote about many herbal remedies from herbs that grow in the UK, however, you can get Shepherd's Purse via amazon.com. (I love amazon, since sometimes they offer free shipping!)
Mr. Gurney says that for loose stools, Shepherd's Purse is a natural remedy. I had purchased some Hedgegrow Herbs from Galen's Garden, which has Shepherd's Purse in it.  I like Galen's Garden, however I want to buy a little bit more locally.  My Sami-girl, mother of Li'l Red (RIP), Merary, Hina'u, Sheila (RIP) and Cocoa (RIP), has had loose stools only lately.  I am looking seriously at the advice Ann Evans has stated to Julie for Sooty. Sami lives with daughter Merary. Sami has had loss of hair as has Merary, and a very hard stomach, and I did give her some liquid Imodium and simethicone because she had gas; I gave her Hedgegrow herbs which she really liked.  I'd even given her another treatment of panacur, (0.4 mL per day for 5 consecutive days) and I am trying to keep up with all their parasite doses of panacur and ivomec every 3 mos. and now that I have 5 new hardy piggies, it's a little overwhelming.  I just hope Sami does not have
 giardia. We do have giardia in Maui in the fresh water streams.  Whee the piggies and I, and chinchilla :  all of our drinking water is R/O (Reverse Osmosis), or PUR filtered tap (to rinse lettuce and other vegies.)  I myself often use Dr. Richard Schulze products from the American Botanical Pharmacy, the Intestinal Cleanse II is good for loose stools in humans. I am interested in the stuff that Joanie said called Platinum and the other one.

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