[Gpdd] re gpdd (MISC) (American Botanical Pharmacy and pre-made supermarket vegie platters)

Ellen Garrison guineamom88 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 6 03:45:01 EDT 2012

Hello again,
Just to make it clear: I use those herbal remedies when necessary. I did notice that after I bought a "vegie platter" from the local Safeway Supermarket, it had celery, baby carrots, small tomatoes, snow peas, and brocolli flowerets with ranch dressing on the side. I did give each piggie a tiny piece of brocolli, a couple of baby carrots and tomatoes, and a couple of snow peas, but I think I ate all the celery myself because these were already pre-cut and if I give them any celery, I always dice it myself so they don't choke on the strings, and in this incident I remember being too lazy to prepare anything, (which is why I bought it in the first place).  But I noticed that it was after eating that (I ended up throwing away a lot of the carrots because they were no longer fresh) that I had indigestion, and Sami had loose stools.  I gave her Critter Be Better, with a tiny bit of Intestinal Cleanse II, and I used it, too, (Intestinal Cleanse II,
 that is) and it helped; I was trying to help her and myself. None of the other piggies showed any signs of 'intestinal discontent'.   I am just hoping it is nothing serious; Sami is very jumpy basically having come from a schol and then the pet store, and god only knows where before that. Merary is with her and shows no signs of loose stools. I may just have to take Sami to a compassionate vet and follow Ann Evans advice...any suggestions, anyone?
Thank you!

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