[Gpdd] Health: supplement-FORCO

clio gsbees at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 7 13:43:41 EDT 2012

FORCO is a nutritional supplement used mainly for horses, but chickens can
also consume it, in much smaller quantities, of course.  At my feed store,
FORECO in a 10 pound bucket costs $48.99, plus tax.

If you have a local feed store that stocks horse supplies, such vitamins, et
al, you may find FORCO there.

Their website is   

Forco Colorado 
27482 County Rd 73 
Calhan, CO 80808


 phone #: 303-663-7115

Another nutritional supplement :  Dr. Cheeke's YQ+ by King Feed, CA @ 10 lbs
/ $12.95, 20 lbs / $23.95   ... cavies and rabbits can have this added to
their feed.

 >I can't find Foreco on the internet. I would appreciate any help
>finding the product or a similar product.

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