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M Fug mfug at live.co.uk
Mon Oct 8 06:18:15 EDT 2012

I must apologise I have been really slack with my email responses so I have combined into one reply.
Junes Stones - Dee we hope June is now making a full recovery and that the stones dont occur, Fugly had kidney stones so an op for him was impossible the wet did recommend Hydrangea Root Tincture to dissolve stones and allow them to be passed however he was in too much pain for us to keep him going in the hope it would work. We were also recommended Chanca Powder from Galens Garden for the same effect.
Jeans beet recipe is interesting as is Sandys research about balancing diet, here in the UK someone has composed a daily feeding chart to balance calcium and phosphorus as it is the balance that is important not just cutting one or the other when I have some more time I will find the link and share it.
Sooty Diarrhoea - Julie we were pleased to read his poop had improved and we hope he makes a full recovery soon our only advise is to cut the fresh veggies until he is back to normal feed lots of hay and give probiotic (we use Vetark Pre/ Probiotic with Vitamin C)
Minnie Sleep - ME we hope these episodes were isolated incidents and that Minnie is just a sleepy pig, sometimes I have had to nudge my boys to make sure they are alive but they are older bigger pigs, perhaps Minnie just wants her beauty sleep.
Glynis Dad - Hey Sweetie we hope by now you have good news about your Dad or at the very least know what is going on with him, please add our loves and piggy kisses to your world wide collection xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Meer Pancreatitis - Dear Joanie we have no advise about Meer having no experience with cats or pancreatitis but we are sending Meer lots of love and piggy hopes we hope you find something to help soon.
If we have missed anyone it is not intentional and we are sorry, we will try to keep up better in future.
M, Spooky and Hector 

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