[Gpdd] Health...need your advise, Please!

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Tue Oct 23 21:33:12 EDT 2012

Hi all.  I have a piggy that just turned 1 yr old.  I brought him to the vet for his 1 yr check-up and everything was perfect.  Less than a week later, I found a small lump near his right arm pit...a bit more inward.  Brought Hemi back to the vet and she took some cells via a syringe and reviewed.  She said it wasn't cancer..just a cyst that was a little infected and put Hemi on Baytril.  Less than a week later, Hemi had another small lump next to the first one.  The vet, without looking at it, said it is probably the infection and said she was going to keep him on it for an additional week.  Just today, less than a week after the second lump was found...I found another next to the other two.

I have researched Baytril on line and do not see any side effects mentioning lumps.  I've tried to review cysts in guinea pigs to see the rate of multiplying but I don't find anything.

Can anyone please shed some light on this for me?  This is my first piggy baby and I am really worried.  Also, can you please tell me what you know about guinea pigs and anesthesia?  My vet said that IF Hemi should ever need surgery, he most-likely won't make it because guinea pigs don't do well under anesthesia.  Is this true?  

Please share with me all the knowledge you have on this.  I've been reading your emails for a year now.  I don't email much (only one other time) but I cry when your babies cross the rainbow bridge and I celebrate your new babies, too.  I've learned so much from all of you...I save the emails pertaining to health for future reference.  You've become my guinea pig experts!  

Thank you for any information you can provide me so that I know what direction to go in....

~Hemi's Mom, Tina

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