[Gpdd] RAINBOW BRIDGE: condolences, Dart

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 28 15:02:53 EDT 2012

Ann, please accept our very belated condolences on Dart's passing.  
Although piggies are never with us long enough, it is wonderful that she 
was almost seven and a half years old, a great lifespan.  We are sorry 
that she developed arthritis, along with Tessie, but how great that 
Tessie is doing so much better now.  We know that Dart appreciated all 
of your love and care and understood all that you were doing for her.  
She was so lucky to be a much beloved member of your family.  Best 
wishes to Tessie, too.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all sick piggies and their families.

Cindy and Ethan

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