[Gpdd] MISC: Second Installment of "weenie" party

Carol Riley bearkat1 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 30 21:41:37 EDT 2012

Hello pigs and slaves,
Second installment of the "weenie" party story. The third part will be put out tomorrow. Hopefully you are enjoying it. 
Carol and Tundra
Most of the female pigs and some of the male pigs started walking the path to the lake.  All the other pigs went ahead with the food to the lake shore already. The path was a little bit dark and twisting. Some of the younger pigs held paws of the older pigs.
“How come Woopy, Lily, and Daisy got to go ahead with the boys?”  Allie asked. She fussed with her brown lamb costume and asked Annabelle to fix her tail. “Please put my tail in the middle! It keeps going to the right side.”
Annabelle, who was dressed up as a cowardly lion, told the girls, “I think I know why they went ahead, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. OK Allie, your tail is straight now.” Annabelle had been to a few parties before and realized the boys always liked to scare the girls.
“Are you SURE this is the right way?” asked Athena as she fluttered the wings of her bumblebee costume. “I wish I knew how to fly in case something grabs me.”
“Oh nothing’s going to grab you, “ said Puff. “I’m worried I’ll leave too much hair on these twigs and won’t have a costume left by the time we get to the lake shore!”  Puff started to trot ahead of all the others, hoping she wouldn’t leave any more hair on the trail and ruin her rag mop costume.
“BOOOO! BOOOOOO!” Two ghosts jumped out from behind a bush into the path in front of the girls. Several wheeks and shrieks were heard, then the two ghosts started to giggle. “It’s just US you silly pigs.” Spooky and Woopy took off their ghost masks so the pigs could see them.
Lazarus, dressed as a scarecrow, noticed Roos was very scared. Since she was dressed as a little bear, he handed her his white to calm her down. She held the bear close in one paw and Lazarus took her other paw. Roos smiled and Lazarus blushed.
 “I would have protected you Amaris,” Capt. Phil the betta fish said to the Misfit dressed as Ariel the mermaid. “I can do some scaring myself – after all, I am a Siamese fighting fish.” Amaris was holding Capt. Phil’s traveling bowl of water while the group was walking down the path. She was shaken, but did not drop any water out of Capt. Phil’s bowl. Amaris giggled.
The group continued on, following the lighted pumpkins so they could see the path.  After a very short distance, Ned the skeleton, Ethan the werewolf, and Charles the ghost jumped onto the path out of the darkness. There were more wheeks and shrieks from the girls. Ringer, dressed as a boxer, jumped in front of June and her mom Zoe to protect them. June had a lovely blue princess gown on, while her mom was dressed in royal purple with a red cape because she was the queen. Both girls had made their crowns as well as the rest of their costumes. When their slave wasn’t looking, June nibbled a heart shaped hole in her dress to show off her newly shaved belly area. 
The group FINALLY arrived at the lake shore. There were many “oooohs” and “aaahhhs” and “wheeeeks” at the decorations, games and food. Since guinea pigs always have a hollow tummy after walking, the group went to the tables and started picking food buffet style. 
“AR, these little veggie pizzas are just the right size for my paws,” said Ava the Misfit who had come to the party as Cleopatra. She had the perfect eye makeup, jewelry, and dress for her Egyptian queen costume. Ava winked at AR, whom she thought was quite handsome. AR looked twice at Ava, no sure he had really seen her wink at him. AR had on a pizza maker costume and was handing out little pizzas to all the guests.
Several tables had fresh fruits and fresh vegetables with cups of apple cider. “Too bad the cider didn’t get a chance to harden up a little,” Scampy said. He was dressed as a clown and leaned over to Patches, dressed as Al Capone, and whispered, “I DID bring a little something for us older boys later…” and winked at Patches. Complete with a toga, Zeus was dressed as the leader of the Greek Gods and his name sake. Even though he was the youngest of the three, he knew he would be included and woofed softly to acknowledge he heard Scampy as well. 
When every party-goer was stuffed, AR and Sammy went over to the trees and wheeled out a magnificent cake. “Happy Birthday Shakira!” everyone yelled. Shakira, who had a specially made authentic Bob Mackie Cher outfit, went up to the table and kissed Sammy on the cheek. Sammy puffed his chest and bbbrrrrrrrd his best for Shakira. The both handed out birthday cake for all who had room left in their tummies – which was everyone!
“Whee have one more thing to do before we start games. Everyone please take one of the little pumpkin candles and line up on the shoreline,” Patches said. Once everyone was in place, Patches continued. “Whee stand on the shore with our small lights to remember all those who have gone to the rainbow bridge – creatures and humans alike.” Everyone bowed their heads for a minute and thought of every creature and human they loved that was waiting at the bridge for them. 
After a few moments, Zeus the dog came forward and announced, “Let the games begin!” 

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