[Gpdd] MISC: Last "weenie" party installment

Carol Riley bearkat1 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 31 14:04:54 EDT 2012

Slaves and Masters,
Last part of the weenie party story. I truly hope I remembered every pig that responded to the party invitation. Whee had fun! Happy "weenie" day to all!
Carol and Tundra
There were three areas set up for “Weenie” games - apple bobbing, pin the cocktail weenie on the donkey, and a piñata in the shape of a pumpkin. Capt. Phil supervised the apple bobbing area since he was most familiar with water, Zeus supervised the pin the cocktail weenie on the donkey since he was hoping to snag some of the “tails”, and Sandy supervised the piñata area since she was wearing a black shirt with a scary pumpkin on it.
Agatha was dressed as a nurse. She quickly ran to the apple bobbing area and was first in line at the tub. Even though she had eaten her fill of fresh veggies, fresh fruit, pizza, and birthday cake, she suddenly became hungry again when she heard there were apples. Agatha took off her nurse’s cap and stuck her entire head into the tub. She came up with a very large red apple and immediately started munching on it.
“Move over, Agatha, it’s my turn,” said Aphrodite who was waiting behind her. Aphrodite had a very realistic Cupid outfit on for the party, right down to carrying a bow and arrow. Aphrodite poked Agatha in the back end with her arrow. “Come on, Agatha! Hurry up!” Once Aphrodite bit an apple and brought it up, Addison was right behind her. “Hold my hair Ned and Scampy - please. I don’t want to get it wet,” Addison said to boars behind her. Addison was dressed as Rapunzel and her very long hair would indeed get soaking wet when she bobbed for an apple. 
While several guinea pigs stood in line to get fresh apples out of the tub of water, others got in line to pin the cocktail weenie on the donkey. Zeus first blindfolded Allie and turned her around in a circle. He then gave her a cocktail weenie on a toothpick. She went over to the paper donkey and poked it. She took her blindfold off and found she stuck the donkey in the ear. Mimi, who was next in line, pointed and giggled. Mimi was dressed as a princess squirrel and swished her fake tail when she giggled. She was blindfolded, spun and pinned her weenie tail, missing the donkey completely. Ned felt bad because Mimi looked very sad, so he gave her part of his apple.
Zoe the queen and June the princess were next in line. June was the first to stick the weenie on the donkey close enough to win a prize of fresh grass for snacking. The game continued until Zeus “accidentally” ate all the cocktail weenies.
Over at the piñata area, Sandy grabbed Benny the Misfit, who was dressed as a stalker. Sandy noticed Benny was leering at her, but she wasn’t sure if was because he was a stalker or if he liked her. She swung him around in a circle several times, and then pointed him towards the pumpkin piñata. Lily the vampire and Daisy the grey wolf kept pushing him back to the piñata when he started to walk away from it. Benny swung and missed three times before saying he had enough for now. Sandy next took Aristotle and spun him in a circle. Aristotle who was dressed as Freddie Kruger, wobbled over to the piñata and hit it on the first try, but didn’t break it. He then jumped up towards the piñata and tried raking it with his metal nails. It still wouldn’t break.
“Silly boar. Give me the stick,” dinosaur Aubrey said. She grabbed the stick from Aristotle and went to Lily and Daisy to get a double spin. Both pigs had to spin Aubrey since her tail was long and made her go more difficult to spin around. Aubrey wobbled over to the piñata and smacked it as hard as she could. The pumpkin piñata broke open, showering all the pigs who ran over to it with candy. Since Charles the ghost couldn’t get over to candy piñata as quickly as the other guinea pigs because of his back, housemates Agnes the clown and Ayla the monarch butterfly grabbed an extra pawful . Agnes’ clown costume had big pockets in it for extra candy. Ayla fluttered her butterfly wings to keep the other pigs away from Agnes as she gave the candy to Charles.
Several of the Misfit girls were disappointed there weren’t more boars at the party. They didn’t want to hang out with the boy Misfits – that was like being home. Tundra thought he might change his face like the real Mr. Potato Head when the dancing started and be able to dance with several of the Misfit sows without them knowing it was the same boar. The sows, however, were smart enough to realize there was only ONE Mr. Pigtato head, but danced with him anyway since the veggies were so good. Aurora and Adaline, who were dressed as princesses, Athena dressed as a bumblebee, Anita, dressed as Snow White, and Adriana, dressed as Cinderella, took turns spinning Tundra around until he got dizzy and sat down. 
There were several pigs still hanging out near the fresh fruit and veggie table. Shakira was holding Sammy’s paw. Sammy had a pirate hat made out of the cartoon section of the newspaper, and a plaid kilt. At his side were a short knife and a sword. Puff, in her rag mop outfit, saw the sword and had a nostalgic smile on her face, thinking of Hershey. She took Sammy’s other hand. Velvet the good witch and Onyx the princess with pink wings were standing on either side of Ethan the werewolf. Spooky (aka secret agent Ghost) held Woopy’s paw. Sammy, Spooky, and Ethan all looked at each other and slowly led the girls over to a dark area where they had hidden a raft. Tundra had told the boys about the raft earlier so they could sneak away to a small island for some “special time.” Zeus volunteered to pull the raft while Capt. Phil did the navigation.
Ringer was hoping Velvet or Onyx might ask him along, but both seemed more interested in Ethan. Ringer hung his head and wandered over to where Scampy, Zeus, and Patches were standing. He noticed they had several small bottles partially hidden in the sand near them. “I just KNEW those boars were going to get into the hard cider!” Patches said. “Several bottles are missing!” Ringer snickered and the three turned to him. “What is so funny, young boar?” Scampy asked him. Ringer answered, “It’s funny you think the boars stole your hard cider….Annabelle and some of the other sows took it when you were playing games. She said they would give it to the shy boars to make them get up and dance with the girls. Ha ha ha!”  
They all looked to the dancing area and saw several small groups of dancing pigs, each with a boar in the middle of three or four sows. Ned was dancing in the middle of Adriana, Sandy, Roos and Mimi. Lazarus was dancing in the middle of a circle made by Zoe, Athena and June. Annabelle the cowardly lion was standing on the sidelines, smiling.
“Hey, where are Sammy and all the other pigs that were at the table? Where are Zeus and Capt. Phil?” AR asked. He knew Sammy was up to something mischievious because of the way Sammy kept looking over his shoulder earlier in the evening at a small bush in a dark area. Tundra looked the other way, not wanting to give away the secret trip. “They went swimming,” giggled Ayla who had stolen a bottle of hard cider for herself. “Swimming in the loooooove pond!”
Several pigs that did not get into the hard cider went to the shoreline to make sure the pigs were not in the lake at night time. Tundra stepped forward and told the group where the pigs had gone to and assured the group that Sammy and the rest were safe. AR took out his cell phone and called Sammy, telling him they had all better get back to the party or he was going to tell Slave what Sammy did. 
Soon, the pigs on the shoreline saw Zeus swimming towards them with a rope in his mouth and a raft in tow with several pigs on it. Capt. Phil kept jumping out of the water to navigate the crew back to shore safely. All walked off the raft once Zeus had beached it. Ariel went close to the lake with Capt. Phil’s travelling bowl so he could jump back into it.
“If you were any later, you would have missed the fireworks,” Patches told them. “Whee had our own fireworks!” one of the boars muttered. Several of the pigs that visited the island giggled. 
“Everyone gather around over here,” Annabelle said. The group of animals went to where she was standing and patiently waited until Mimi pointed to the sky and said “Look! Look!” Fireworks were starting to explode all over the sky above. Several boars grabbed the paw of the nearest sow while watching the fireworks. The fireworks looked like pumpkins, witches brooms, and corn stalks. The last set of fireworks spelled out “Happy Halloween!”
All pigs hugged each other and said what a great time they had. Scampy, Zeus, AR and Capt. Phil had to agree. Paw in paw, everyone walked back down the path to Tundra’s house, where they all found their own special sleeping spots, and cuddled in for a good night’s sleep. 

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