[Gpdd] Announcement: Alyssa to show CARROT WARS at Houston Space Center

guineapigfilms at aol.com guineapigfilms at aol.com
Sun Aug 25 13:31:42 EDT 2013

I know that some of you who are "old timers" (not IRL, but here on the Digest!) remember my daughter Alyssa and her guinea pig movies, particularly CARROT WARS, which many of you purchased from her website, CarrotWars.com. 

I thought you might be interested in knowing that Alyssa is giving the Keynote Speech (along with an astronaut) at Houston Space Center this fall! 


I am so proud of her. This community was so supportive of her when she was badly injured in two major car accidents (neither of which were her fault) as a teenager, and I was so grateful for your support, which helped her cope.

Today she is doing great, and giving speeches alongside NASA astronauts!  ;-)  Of course, she's still volunteering at Humane Societies and rescuing (and fostering) many, many animals of all different species!



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