[Gpdd] HEALTH: Kimba update

julie johnson juliejohnson12 at bigpond.com
Tue Jul 9 09:23:31 EDT 2013

Hi all, 


About an hour after I sent my last email, I thought Kimba was again on his
way out again,   I held him for hours again, and finally he asked me to put
him back  in his cage for a wee.      He still does not wee on me, even
though so sick and weak.   So special.


However, he's still here!  I believe the blindness is causing him great
troubles.  I put the food right in front of him, and then he eats it.   He's
been eating grass when I place it the correct way with the stalk towards his
mouth.    He's been eating from his vege bowl as I put it very close to the
entrance of his wigwam.  


I am supplementing him with between 5-20 mls of Critical Care each day to
ensure he keeps up nourishment.   I'm pleased to report that whilst his poos
are half the normal length as they used to be, they are exactly the same in


He is so very much dependent on me.    He snuggles me and cuddles me, and
the love he's giving me is a very precious feeling, and I'm lucky to be on
the receiving end of his love.


I think I may have won the battle, but not sure about the war.          He
has no interest in pellets or his other dry food.   He won't eat his hay.


I'm a bit of an emotional wreck... feel like a nervous breakdown is just
around the corner.    Still can't eat, my tummy is so twisted I can't bear
the thought of food.        Sleep does not come easily.     


I continue to pray, watching him and my other 3 boys like a hawk, and my
brain is full of piggies, any other things up there  have been in my
storage part of the brain to be released at a suitable time.


Thank you so much for your care

Julie, Kimba, Sooty, Treacle and Hugo



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