[Gpdd] Health: Sooty and Loperamide

Ann Evans ann.evans at hintlink.com
Wed Jul 10 14:22:56 EDT 2013

Oh My Dear Julie,
Loperamide does not have an opioid in it. You can give all 2 mg at once 
to Sooty. You do not want to give more than 2 mg in 24 hours. Hopefully 
it will stop the diarrhoea in a day or two. It will not constipate him. 
You are doing everything right for your piggys. Sometimes no matter how 
hard we try we are not successful. But our piggys know that we are 
trying to help them and they love us for it.

I volunteer as a consulting rodentologist to Drs. Danielson and Saleh 
D.V.M. of Ehrlich Animal Hospital and Dr. Bonsack D.V.M. of Westchase 
Animal Hospital Tampa, Florida.


Ann and the Rescued Piggys of Piggyville, Tampa Florida USA

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