[Gpdd] MISC: Storms in U.S. Midwest

MGandalf43 at aol.com MGandalf43 at aol.com
Mon Nov 18 22:27:03 EST 2013

Penny-- thanks for checking on those of us in the Midwest.  
The electric poles in our neighborhood blew down and we were warned we  
might be without electricity a few days, so I was preparing to pack up Oreo and 
 Snickelfritz to my daughter's house, because the heat doesn't come on 
without  the electric switch, and we're going down into the 20's Fahrenheit 
tonight.  However, the repairmen figured out a way to reroute our electricity so 
we only  had one dark chilly night here.
My husband and I read by flashlight, and electricity isn't required to hold 
 piggies :)
Hope the others got by as well as we did.
Mary Ann, Oreo and Snickelfritz in Mishawaka, IN

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